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Single Family / Manufactured Home

Please fill out the form below to submit your MLS listing. Try to complete as many fields as possible. Statistics show that a detailed MLS listing gets more activity it gets. Upon receipt, due to MLS regulations, we must conduct a review to make sure everything abides by the MLS rules and regulations. Upon completion of the review, we will either submit the listing to the MLS listing directory or contact you for clarification of the listing item in question.

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The Active listing status is used when you are ready to submit your listing to the MLS.  An active listing is assigned an MLS# and is available to ALL MLS users as well as the public, via our public websites and all third party sites selected by the broker.

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"Coming Soon" status indicates that the Listing Brokerage and the Seller(s) are preparing the property for sale.  Properties in the "Coming Soon" status MAY NOT be shown.  There must be a valid Listing Agreement between the Seller(s) and the Listing Brokerage.  Listings in "Coming Soon" status must have Seller(s) approval.

"Coming Soon" status provides a method for the Seller and or Listing Broker to notify other cooperating brokers of the properties that will be made fully available for showing after preparations have been completed. 

Go Live Date must be less than or equal to 21 days from the Listing Contract Date.