Single-Property Websites

A single-property website is a website you create exclusively dedicated to advertising your property. Unlike Zillow®, Trulia®, and other big sites there are no links or advertisements to other properties.

While some sellers may consider the creation of a website from scratch unnecessary or not worth the investment, there are some definite benefits to consider.


Want a significant competitive advantage from the get-go?

Most listings don’t provide single property websites for their leads. Instead, they rely on the outdated online methods that may have worked like a charm in the past, but are no match for the instant-access world we live in.

Having a single-property website gives you the competitive edge of using the best technical tools and web trends that move property faster than older, more traditional sales methods. Outsmarting — and out-running — the competition has its distinct rewards, including driving more leads, and getting higher search engine rankings, potential buyers, and traffic to the home.


Worried about the cost of building a single-property website and how it affects your ROI? Rest easy. Creating a website has never been cheaper and the formerly time-consuming barriers-to-entry have been dramatically reduced.

Our single property websites are just $39 and will automatically give your listing maximum exposure to Buyers with minimum effort: Online, mobile, offline, and curbside.

- Mobile property website - SMS TXT and 1-800 call-capture service - Automatic QR codes - Print-quality PDF flyers generated - Optimized for SEO, including generated YouTube video - Share and publish to all your other social and blog sites

​Sign riders are also available. Goes Great with our branded yard sign. Choose from various styles.

You can order this add-on right from your dashboard.