Importance of Great Photography and Videography

The single most important goal in selling your home is to get your highest asking price. Whether to make a profit or just to pay off your current mortgage, you have to "keep your eye on the prize."

Plentiful, good-quality photographs play a significant role in nailing the sale and give you a competitive edge over other sellers who " dedicate much effort to pictorially showcasing their property.

Ask yourself this question: if you were looking for a new home and there were only two for sale that would fit your needs, which seller would you trust more: one who posted obviously amateur pictures showing dishes in the sink or the one whose pictures created an environment of a pristine lifestyle?

The answer is obviously the latter. You want to build up your credibility as a serious seller and the buyer's confidence in your home's quality by putting in the extra effort.

More detailed information is in my book "Ways to Advertise and Promote Your Home."