First and foremost, I am a proud veteran of the United States Navy that served during Desert Storm/Desert Shield. After being honorably discharged and upon my return to South Florida, I started a career in real estate. In 1996, I successfully passed all state requirements and became a licensed real estate salesperson. After two years, I successfully attained my real estate broker's license.

In 1998, I opened my first real estate office, a Century 21 franchise, and successfully grew the office to have over 80 agents. Then, in 2003 I started a new venture in the mortgage industry and began representing the big banks with the disposition of their REO properties.

With all my success, I still felt like something was missing. So, after taking a good look at my career, I realized that I wanted to change the industry a little. I wanted to create a company that could serve every client's need and respects each client's goal.

So after years of planning, writing books, and creating a system, buyme Real Estate was born. buyme is a company that has every client's needs in mind. Want to save the commission? No problem. Want a full-service listing? No problem. Want a new, more efficient way of buying a home? No problem.

My entire 25+ year career, I approached business with a proactive mindset. I was always looking for potential problems before they became a problem. This mindset not only set me apart from the rest, but it also saved all my clients time and money.

I used that same approach when creating buyme Real Estate. I considered why specific clients did not want a broker, why some did and made the process smoother and more affordable.

buyme Real Estate is a brokerage that serves all client needs and looks forward to helping you achieve your real estate goal.