How It Works

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We Submit Your Listing Into The MLS System

After we receive your property information, we will review it for accuracy. Once approved, we submit your listing into the MLS, the single largest property database in the country. Your property will also be syndicated to sites like Zillow®,®, Trulia®, and 100s more sites. Listing are usually active within 24 hours of submitting your property information.

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Submit Property Information

Use our Quick List form to submit your property information, features, and upload up to 35 photos. Complete as much information as you can. Listings with detailed information usually attract more buyers and sell faster and for more money.

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Respond To Inquiries

Once we submit your property to the MLS, you will receive property inquiries and showing requests. Make sure to reply to all questions promptly. The showingtime app will help you organize and respond to all showing requests.

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Show Your Home

Being in the MLS will provide you with the most exposure. You will start receiving showing requests almost immediately. Make your home available to the most showings possible. The more you show your home, the higher chance you have to sell for top dollar. 

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Negotiate The Best Price and Terms

When you find an interested buyer, don't be afraid to negotiate. Once you have agreed on the price and terms, it's time to get the deal in writing and signed. Use our professional contract preparation service. We use the most updated FAR/BAR contracts and addendums. 

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Close The Deal

You are almost there, don't relax now. Ensure that all contractual deadlines are met and that you hire a good title company to prepare your seller documents. On the closing day, you will sign all documents needed to transfer ownership to the buyer. Once all documents are signed and the deal funds, the sale is officially closed. The title company will either send your sale proceeds via wire transfer or provide you with a check.


Sign Up

We have recently changed our pricing to One Plan - One Price - Everything Included for just $79. No need to decipher all those tier pricing plans others provide. We always strive to provide you with the best, which includes pricing. 

What's Included? Everything

listed until sold

We will list your property in the MLS until it is SOLD!

up to 35 photos

Upload up to 35 photos. Update and edit anytime from your dashboard.

We will syndicate your listing to 100's of sites like Zillow®,®, Trulia®, Google®, and 100's more.

Listing syndication


Make unlimited changes/edits to your listing.

your contact info

We will list you as the contact person in the MLS.

no commission

No listing commission! All you pay is the Flat-Fee to get listed in the MLS.

You set the buyer's agent commission. Choose any percentage you want to offer.

buyer agent

Contracts & forms

Access to the most up-to-date contracts and forms. Our forms are fillable PDF's/

leads go to you

We will forward any leads directly to you. Follow up and close the deal.

virtual tour

Virtual tour included in MLS areas that offer virtual tours.

Unlimited open house MLS notification. Also will syndicate to 3rd party sites.

open house (MLS)

Showing App

Use our showing time app to schedule, modify, and cancel appointments. Also, view statistics.

priority support

Use our support ticketing system to receive priority support.


Access to guides like The Selling Process, Ways To Advertise & Promote Your Home, and Improvements That Improve Value.

We keep your information private and NEVER sell it to 3rd parties.

Your Info


If you do not sell your property within 6 months, we will refund your flat-fee MLS fee.