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Miguel Dominguez, RCS-D

Principal Broker/Owner/Author

25+ Years of Experience

"With the RIGHT Team, GREAT Things HAPPEN!"

First and foremost, I am a proud veteran of the United States Navy that served during Desert Storm/Desert Shield. After being honorably discharged and upon my return to South Florida, I started a career in real estate. In 1996, I successfully passed all state requirements and became a licensed real estate salesperson. After two years, I successfully attained my real estate broker's license.

In 1998, I opened my first real estate office, a Century 21 franchise, and successfully grew the office to have over 80 agents. Then, in 2003 I sold my brokerage and started a new venture representing the big banks like Bank of America, HSBC, Chase, and Fannie Mae with the disposition of their REO properties.

With all my success, I still felt like something was missing. So, after taking a good look at my career, I realized that I wanted to change the industry a little. I wanted to create a company that could serve every client's need and respects each client's goal.

The relationship between sellers that wanted to save the commission, and agents always bothered me throughout my career. This is why I am offering tailored solutions for sellers wanting to save the commission. I respect a sellers decision to save the commission. After all, it is their home, their money, and their decision to make. 

So after years of planning, writing books, and creating a system, buyme Real Estate was born. buyme is a company that has every client's needs in mind. Want to save the commission? No problem. Want a full-service listing? No problem. Want a new, more efficient way of buying a home? No problem.

My entire 25+ year career, I approached business with a proactive mindset. I was always looking for potential problems before they became a problem. This mindset not only set me apart from the rest, but it also saved many of my clients time and money.

I used that same approach when creating buyme Real Estate. I considered why specific clients did not want a broker, why some did and made the process smoother and more affordable.

buyme Real Estate is a brokerage that respects and serves all client needs and looks forward to helping you achieve your real estate goal.


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