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Miguel Dominguez, RCS-D

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buyme Real Estate is not your traditional brokerage. We have broken the mold and created a new one. Why should you settle for the same old menu of services? In today's modern era, you should have choices. At buyme Real Estate, we set out to create a menu of services that served everyone. Whether you want to save the commission with a Flat-Fee Listing or sit back and relax with a Full-Service Listing, we have you covered from listing to closing and beyond.


Did you know? 84% of buyers find their homes through the MLS. 

Ready to buy your new home? Use our Dream Home Finder! It's like matchmaking for real estate. Say goodbye to the days of being shown all the wrong homes. We only show you homes that closely match your home profile. No more wasted time viewing homes you would never consider.

Professional Services

E. Lazaro - Florida

"Miguel is a consummate professional with a profound understanding of the local real estate market. He takes the time to understand client needs and deliver tailored offerings to meet those needs and desires. He's a reliable advisor and takes a consultative approach that is very helpful. He is patient and happy to explain issues."


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The Dream Home Finder

The Dream Home Finder is like matchmaking for real estate. Are you tired of viewing homes you would never consider? Stop viewing the wrong homes. 


With the Dream Home Finder, there is no more wasted time viewing homes you would never consider. We create your home profile with all your needs, wants, must-have(s), and must-not have(s). With this information, our system locates matching homes for you to consider.

If you are always on the go, or if saving time is important to you, then create your dream home profile today!

Your dream home is just a click away.

Flat-Fee MLS Listing

Starting at just $59 you can get your home listed in the MLS. Did you know that 84% of buyers find a home through the MLS? Don't lose 84% of the buyer pool. List with a flat-fee listing today.

Your home will also be listed with big sites like Zillow®, Trulia®,®, and 100's more.

Save thousands on real estate commissions with our Flat-Fee Listing.


Full-Service Listing

A full-service listing is where we handle everything from listing to closing and beyond. 

We will list your home in the MLS, prepare and execute a marketing plan, show you home and negotiate the highest possible sale price, manage the transaction with a proactive mindset, and get your deal closed.


With a full-service listing, you can sit back, relax, and live your daily life knowing we have it handled.


We keep you informed every step of the way with a weekly marketing report.  

Divorce Real Estate Specialist

You have an attorney that specializes in divorce, it only makes sense to also have a real estate divorce specialist, right?


As a designated RCS-D®, Real Estate Collaboration Specialist in Divorce, we are trained in helping homeowners make informed decisions regarding the house and or real estate assets during a divorce. 

Even if you have your mind set on keeping or selling, knowing the risks is always a great idea. 

Good decisions are informed decisions.

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